Monday, March 4, 2013

Polo Day

Usually, we have a hummingbird that visits us every morning.  But this year no hummer.  But we do have an egret that is here each morning.  He’s not quite as cute, but he’ll have to do!  We also have lots of ducks and geese…Mona’s favorite.  Mona likes to sleep till 7:30, nothing wrong with that.  But the geese get up at 7:00 and have quite the conversation outside our unit.    Makes for an “interesting” conversation when Mona grudgingly gets up before her time!

Empire Polo Club From the Field
Sunday was polo day for us.  We had a field-side breakfast at the Eldorado Polo Club.  You get a great meal, awesome bloody Mary’s, a mountain/palm tree view and the horses are within feet of your table.  What a great way to spend a couple of hours on a warm Sunday morning.

Just before noon we headed for the Empire Polo Club.  Here we had reserved seats which were also field-side, but up about ten feet so we could see the entire field.  They were also shaded, which is great in the 85 degree heat, and we had table service. 

I'd come out of retirement for a divot-stomping job!
Here we watched two games of six chukkers (periods) each.  Did you know that each polo player goes through about six ponies in a game?  Also, the vast majority of these ponies are either a thoroughbred/quarter horse mix or thoroughbreds that have been retrained for polo.   These horses hit 35 mph on the field and can stop and turn on a dime. 

One of our favorite things to do is the divot stomp.  They have several during the afternoon, but our absolute favorite is the champagne divot stomp….where you’re handed a glass of champagne and then you stomp divots.  What’s not to love about this sport?!?!

After polo we headed home.  Time to grill some steaks and relax….and watch Walking Dead!

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