Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mustang Mona

Mona is a car person., that’s why she drives a Lexus.  When she’s in the valley, she remains a car person but one who is fixated on convertibles.  That’s why I was scanning the internet looking for a deal on renting a convertible…a Mustang preferably.  Most of the “deals” were hundreds of dollars for a couple of days.  I love Mona, but there is a limit!  Finally, I found a real deal…well within my price range and located at the Palm Springs Airport!

Our tail wind doubled the electrical output!
There she goes again!
So, for the past couple of days Mona has been driving a black 2013 Ford Mustang…and loving it! She's had the radio cranked up to the max, listening to all the old car songs, "Little Deuce Coupe",  "Hot Rod Lincoln", "Little Old Lady From Pasadena" (Thanks, Steve), "G.T.O." and of course, "Mustang Sally"...over and and over again!

 We've driven to both ends of the valley at speeds I shudder to recall.  And of course, she had to drive up into the Santa Rosa mountains on Route 74…trying to double the posted limit on the hairpin curves.  My fingers are still cramped from clinging to the dashboard!

We did manage to park the car now and again.  We got some geocaching in….The Marilyn Monroe cache is quite memorable; and we got some hiking in.  Did the 1000 Palms hike and saw a few lizards, but once again no rattlesnakes.  Whew/darn!  And we slowed down enough to link up to have drinks with friends.  Turns out, a friend of ours from IP days (Virginia) is staying here at Shadow Ridge, too.  We linked up with her at The Cork Tree for drinks.  She brought along two of her friends, Betty and Ken, and we had a great evening sharing stories and talking about railroad nails.  (I may have a new hobby!)

Mona is still sleeping at this point, but I think I can hear her Mustang quietly revving up.  I think I should hide the keys!

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