Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Aloha to Hawaii

Night view from our balcony
This little guy visited us
on our balcony every day!
Our last full day on Waikiki was spent like most of the others…beaching, pooling and geocaching.  Nothing wrong with that!  I decided not to take my camera down to the beach, figuring I had already seen and snapped it all.  Of course I was wrong.  We hadn’t been in the water 5 minutes when we saw a surfer paddling out….with his Chihuahua on the front of his board!  The dog had a custom made yellow life jacket and he seemed totally at ease.  A few minutes later we saw another Chihuahua moving back and forth between a man on a boogie board and a woman on a tube float.  No pics so you’ll just have to take my word for it!

Our final evening was spent on the balcony, enjoying the views and music.  It was a great way to finish a great vacation!

He kept an eye on me
throughout the flight.
Aloha to Hawaii
We boarded our shuttle to the airport at 10:00 AM Hawaii Time.  We got home at 10:00 AM Central Time; 19 hours of travel time.  We were exhausted when we got home; especially after the 3 ½ drive from Chicago.  But of course, it was worth it!

Early evening we got a text from Sheryl wanting to come over and visit.  She walked in the door carrying pumpkin blossoms and fresh tomatoes.  Yum, can’t wait for that meal!  She also brought the icing for our vacation: a framed print of our anniversary picture taken at Hau Tree Lanai!!!  One odd thing is that I don’t recall carving the heart and our initials in the tree, but hey, it was a happy night and I must have gotten carried away!

It was a great vacation but as always, it’s good to be home.  Now, it’s time to do our laundry and get packing for the next adventure!

Aloha Hawaii!

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