Sunday, February 24, 2013


Flowers & Snow
We drove down Oak Creek Canyon Road from Flagstaff to Sedona.  It’s a beautiful drive anytime, but even more so after the snow.  Made it a little more harrowing because of snow falling from the mountainside and overhanging branches, but still an incredible drive.

Staying at the Sedona Summit Resort.  Great views of the surrounding red rocks everywhere you look.  Loving this place!

Our first foray was to the Chamber of Commerce to learn about the trails and conditions.  Mona, as usual, made a friend…Tom.  He gave us some great tips on trails and suggestions on places to eat.  Then we walked/shopped though Sedona.  Lots of opportunities to spend money and have fun.  Resisted them…at least most of them…and headed back to our resort to rest up and prepare for our first hike.

Buddha Stack in Oak Creek
Road to Trailhead
Our first hike was the Baldwin Trail to the Cathedral Trail so we’d get a great view of Cathedral Rock.  About two miles in we came to our first vortex.  A vortex is where there is a concentration of energy; some say magnetic, some say electric, some say a concentration of sub-atomic strings of particles that exist in ten dimensions.  Whatever…these are revered spots throughout the area that people visit to meditate, perform yoga, visit aliens, or commune with their gods. 

This particular vortex is below Cathedral Rock on Oak Creek.  Here many build Buddha stacks to help them connect to the energy source.  These little cairns of rocks are everywhere.  We love this spot so we built our own little stack and stayed here for some time…eating our lunch and just enjoying the sounds and energy.  What an incredible place!!!!

We continued our trek…seeing great views of the rocks and the flora.  These trails take you through some very tough terrain, but incredibly you keep meeting up with people bicycling on the trails.  Can’t imagine doing that!!!  There are deep canyons on either side of the trail and lots and lots of cactus everywhere.  Not much room for error!

Cathedral Rock
We finished up our hike to Red Rock Crossing…where you get an iconic view of Cathedral Rock…one of the most photographed sites in the Southwest and seen in many Western Movies. 

Finished our day with antipasti in Cucina Rustica with its starlight dining room ceiling.  Awesome place!

Time for bed to re-energize for tomorrow.  May need another vortex fix!

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