Tuesday, November 13, 2012

That 70s Show

Monte was born on November 12th, 1942…thus, November 12th, 2012 was his 70th birthday.  Being the birthday boy, he got to choose the activities for the day…..within reason….not my reason, nor Monte's, Aleta and Mona’s reason...of course.

The day started with cake, candles and cards on the balcony. Not long after, we headed to the Pier Park which is a huge (80+ shops) outdoor mall with an amusement park, Cineplex and 25 restaurants.  After hitting a few stores we headed for Margaritaville where we had a quick lunch and a rita or two.

Next up was “Skyfall” at the IMAX.  Bond did his best to impress Monte and succeeded.  Great movie!

Gator...or rabbit???
Earlier in the morning, Monte had read on the Internet about an Irish Pub called “Matty’s”…lots of great food and Art was to be found there.  Accordingly, that was our next stop.  Unfortunately, we found that not everything on the Internet is true and in fact, Matty’s is a heavy duty biker dive.  Monte decided he didn't want to get the Matty’s tat so we had a drink outside, watched pelicans flights and then sidled our way out. 

Birthday Creme Brulee
Back to the condo for wine, fire watching, and rabbit watching…Yep, rabbit watching.  There are several large wild rabbits near the firepit.  

Soon it was time for dinner at Firefly.  This is an amazing place (thanks to the Masons for the recommendation) and is a must-do for PCB visitors.  Word of caution…the she-crab soup is awesome…but don’t order anything else.  The soup i  so rich and filling that anything else is just too much!!!

Now back to the condo to crash and refresh.  Happy 70th Monte!  Thanks for sharing your birthday with us!

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